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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Watching band competition today.

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Hi guys,

What a nice band competition ...wow my pleasure.lol
I did come just to watch the shows.
All the contestant from any other schools was all great.The girls was beautiful and the boys handsome.hmn
Good training and was fantastic.
Okey now introducing the schools joining the competition ...For Elementary Schools competition... was Bayawan East school,Malabugas,Kalumboyan ,as for the High School and college competition ,was Dawis or Bayawan College school and National High school and Norsu college school was the contestant.All was great wonderful,but only 2 I like the most...the Kalumboyan elementary school and National High school contestant.
By the way guys I can't tell u who was the winner coz I return home after the show...I wasn't able to hear the winners of the competition but I can only guess only 2 as chosen for the big winner...the Kalumboyan elementary,and the Bayawan National high school.hmnnn
Guys,we had some competition here in the city would like to know? well we had...Belen competition,band competition,liveband competition and Cheerdance competition,beauty for house competition and also Ms.Bayawan competition.So many competition happen as in month of December begun.oh yeah.It was nice tradition,so many games.So when u come here in the philippines guys, just try to visit here in Bayawan City...Bayawan known as the City of Character first ,where almost people good.Yes!You're free to visit and taking vacation here for most of your time guys...So come and spend your christmas vacation here in Bayawan.hmnnn
You will enjoy here as much as u can.



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