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Friday, March 5, 2010

Going to PNB Bank with my Father ,just to clarify the house and lot that my sisters and brothers bought.Thanks

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Have a nice day guys,

How are you today ,hope you all are doing fine.As for me here and my family we all fine too.It's such a good day for me ,coz I have big confidence within myself.We come to the PNB Bank and I'm glad talking to the Bank personnel who's in charge of the property that we bought.We clarify anything to him ,what should we have to do to process the papers for the transfer of property to my parents name.Thanks God everything goes well.And we did it.But the problem is we had no enough money to get done the transfer of property to my parents name.The tax is big already plus having penalty of delayed process of transfer.We bought the property last year 2008-2009 and now 2010 and we doesn't transfer it to the name of my parents,to assure that this property is ours. Oh I think So much in troubled...but I do hope everything gonna be alright in transferring this property to us.And not too big payment of transfer.Oh please.
Okey till here now.thanks



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