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Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh my gosh...what a long love story Movie "Stairway to Heaven"...My first time to watch and I can't believe paikot -ikot ang estorya.lol

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Hi Guys,Have a nice day to you.I miss you all,as I miss watching love story movie.hmnnnnnnn
Oh today was busy but thanks I was free the night time...so all I did is watching movie...and the movie is entitled of "Stairway to Heaven" wow ...I feel happy watching the movie for the first time and the character was so great.oh yeah
But I don't really like the end of the story,it keeps me sad...The lady who is the main character died...Oh I hate that.OKey for more exciting i want you to watch Stairway to Heaven movie a love story...so that you'll know the whole event ok!The actor and actress are korean as it was Koreanovelas but translate in tagalog version.
Oops Stairway to heaven nga ang title kasi namatay yong main Character na babae.Grabe talaga at saka paikot ikot pa yong storya...hoh I spent 8 hours watching the movie until it finish , too long you know.Sometimes the other event ay nakakaboring.hehehe
But thanks I finish watching it.lol
I like Cholo and Judee sa movie ,nakaka in-love sila pero sa huli nakakagulat.At hindi ko nagustohan ang nagyari sa story.hohhhhhh nakakainis.But Ok lang storya lang naman eh.hehehe
I learn some lesson in the story...CHOLO LOVE JUDEE A LOT AND THAT LOVE IS TRUE EVEN MANY CHALLENGES COMES TO THEM.Iba talaga kong true love di ba?lol
Na in-love naba ako? Sa love story na nakita ko , parang feel na feel ko.hmnnn
Ang sakit pag ikaw ay totoong nagmahal ang daming pagsubok.Gaya ng love story that I watch now.Bakit ba ganyan? But I know not all masakit di ba?smile
Okey guys till here now...baboo


loeve said...

hhmm... is it really that good??

riz said...

hey, great post!


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