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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mormon Missionary visit us today.

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Hi guys,how are you today?Hope you all are doing fine.As for me here am doing fine with my family.Oh yeah the Mormon Missionary visit us home today and they bring CD tape to watch for,about Joseph Smith history.Wow wonderful.But anyway I believe that Joseph Smith is a true prophet , that been called by our heavenly Father.I agree for that...But as of now I haven't decide or plan to be baptized to become a member of Jesus Christ the latter day saints.I want to make sure everything is good within my family and relatives.You know guys, I am a christian believer so it's hard to change religion.Anyway ,the important thing is that we believe in Jesus Christ our savior and to our Heavenly Father who created us and earth.Just we people acknowledge God.Yes that's right.

Okey nice to watch the show they are sharing for us.I'm glad they're faithful in their work.God bless them and all of us.Thanks



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