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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Fiesta in Kalumboyan .Yes great.

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Have a nice day guys,How are you today?Hope you all doing fine.As for me here am doing fine too.And glad my mother and I come to kalumboyan today.I drove the motorbike and thanks God we got safe trip.
Yes ...when we get in the Kalumboyan Barrio I and my mother come to our relative house,relax for a while.And then after all I go and buy one shirt for me.
I have been one remembrance for Kalumboyan fiesta this year 2010 .lol
Last fiesta I haven't buy a thing,,,so today thanks my mother let me drive the motorbike and we go together just to come in the fiesta.hmnnnnn
I feel good when i saw many people visiting in Kalumboyan and wow so many vendors like ukay-ukay.Ohhh I miss the time ,the time when I was young.When celebrating fiesta in Kalumboyan , we family come together and roaming around into the barrio.lol
No other things to do but to buy ukay-ukay.hehehe
okey till here now...I enjoy the fiesta...smile



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