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Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh yeah my sister Rose WITH her classmates and friends having good times going to beach .

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Hi guys,
How are you today?Well I hope you doing fine.As for me here am happy,I miss you all.muah
By the way here are the pics of my sister Rose after graduation ,they're having good times going to beach for swimming and have small picnic.Oh yeah that nice di ba?
After their graduation they plan to come to beach with friends and classmates.wow
Before, I have not doing this ,because am too shy to be with a group,like going to beach.lol
But now am not shy anyway,hehehe
Am too old enough to be shy right?hmnnn.I know how to be with in a group already ,as socialization...smile.
OKey guys that's all for now,Baboo.Have a nice day .muah
Oh as I look to them ,they're so enjoy...congrats



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