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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trip in going to Kalumboyan...

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Wow...its our pleasure to go.I ,sister Nemia and sister Rosalie went to kalumboyan today...we're glad to ride the motorbike that newly get from the motorcycle cab part.oh my gosh how terrible my two sister's ride at the back always laughing but afraid for they could not sit nicely.ahahaha
The motorbike was lacking the other part at the back sit,so not good enough when the way goes high.They gonna fell down,but thanks God they tightly hold my shirt ...hehehe
oh was fine we get in Kalumboyan with safe ride .
Glad to visit our Beloved Lola but sad to think and sad to see that she can hardly move and get thin.We brought her a can of milk and sugar,good for her to drink milk.How sad she could not eat well like hard food,just only poridged.Pls,help us to Pray for our Lola to have good health and condition again.ty
However when we already in the proper of Kalumboyan sis.Nemia separate from us coz she would attend church service while me and sis.Rosalie goes to the farm.
wow I had great time in the farm with sis.Rosalie ,we took some young coconut and we enjoy eating oh feel good ,our stomach full.hmnnn don't you knew guys that I fond of eating young coconut .hehehe
And also we took some vegetables and was surprise we had green papaya and kamote leaves.Good for health.hmnnn
Then after all we go back to the Kalumboyan and wait for sis.Nemia to dismissed from Church.
Thanks to Heaven we did not wait so long ,sis. Nemia come then.
oops riding again the motorbike...our pleasure .OKey till here now...



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