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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I been busy last 3 days

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My loving sweet grandmother died last Sunday and I been busy helping my relatives for the burial of Grandma. She was buried last two days and of course everyone are grieving that grandma pass away. Even now we still grieving, you know we love our grandma very much. She had done many things for us and help us when we her granddaughter's or grandson's are in need. She left a sweet memories for us that we won't never forget until the die we die. She is the sweetest grandmother in this world and I am very proud of her. Our grandma died from sickness like stroke and hemorrhoid. I know she feel no pain anymore since she leave this earth. I know she is happy to the side of God. Please guys pray for the soul of our grandma that may she is happy and in peace. God bless us and have a good week. This is it I will share today. A little bit tired after all the work I accomplished.



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