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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its too hard without a job...then can't help the family in financial matter.

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Just to think of my past...I easily accepted in work here but the problem is i may not good enough,and plus the salary is not good enough.I work here in our place for the first time as a cashier in a small enterprises but suddenly i stop coz of not having good salary especially can't provide my daily expenses in going to work.Plus too much hours in working ,so stressful but then the salary so small,not enough.how pity...oops i worked for about 6 days but I didn't get my salary.Sayang...I refused though i didn't derserve my work successfully so good not to get.
If u just working here u can't really help ur family in finacial matters if u stay here in our place,very sorry to vulgar but thats the truth especially when working in the private establishment.Sad to think...right!
okey guys just expressing my feeling.ty



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