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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Visit into Kalumboyan today...not feeling good coz the rain comes when we are on the way.

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Today is sunday so i wanted to share with u the Word of God which gives us courage that our faith be made strong.

Hello Guys,
How are you doing today?
I, my 2 sister’s, 1 brother and Mama enjoy the trip in going to Kalumboyan.lol
We ride motorcycle and we're having fun on the way...until such time we get into kalumboyan.
We're happy while we're in Kalumboyan already coz we meet again and again our relatives there, some little kids and friends.lol
I enjoy playing with the little children’s even I'm so old to play with but then i got their attention and they're happy. I’m talking to them just a little kid too.lol
How's that if I go back at the time I'm young. You know Guys little children’s always happy, they don't have burdens.Only they want to play most of the time.hmnnnnn
However I don't really want to be a kid again coz I now know what’s going on to have a successful life and could help my family too. God is great all the time, He give us knowledge and wisdom to use just to make our life colorful and comfortable. Good thing it was. Ok
After all we going back home and while we're in our way the rain comes and it was so unlucky we're getting wet. The motorcycle has no cover at the side so the rains attack us.hehehe oh no so bad but it was our way going home so no problem we can change dress right away. Now I can tell, we had a good time really good, we had a safe trip. Thanks to our Almighty God…
Sorry today’s morning I didn’t attend church service. I was late.But i will share to u the Word of God today.ty



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