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Thursday, November 19, 2009

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I like going to farm and fond of climbing fruitable trees.lol...
wow one of my favorite past time is to go to the farm climbing fruitable tree's get some fruits and then enjoy watching birds flying up and down to tree.wooh I love nature and wants to build a house near to the forest someday.Where i can relax and breath fresh air.Also i can shout and sing most i like.NO one bothered ,no one gets angry.lol I also can raise any kind's of animals like chicken,duck,cow,carabao and etc... that was good for living.
OKey guys...look at my photo's above...wanna have some fruit ,come with me ...i will get some for u.hmnnnn
The fruit tree i was climb on was called here in our dialect Kabugaw,Buongon.I love this tree coz it bears fruit and was good to eat.
Sometimes i like to have guava fruit,young coconut,riped papaya ,riped lemon usually.So much fun in the farm...hehehe
When I get to farm,i felt comfort,my stomach will be filled of eating sweet fruits that i dont need to spend money to buy.heheheh
OKey till here now,im getting up little busy,my sister needs some help for her homework.ohhh noh



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