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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween Day to all.

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Today is halloween day and was good to stay at home.We prepare little food.hmnn
We're happy doing it with family and friends.Oops our neighbor also gave us Soman or sticky rice with coconut and sugar. oh yummy.I like it so much but i sometimes could have it .This is one of my favorite food too and also Valenciana or sticky rice with meat ,green peas and etc..ooh sarap.
Then they give us sweet ripe banana too.wow ty
In return we give chicken meat cooked such as chicken adobo and chicken soap.Good sharing the good times to the intimate neighborhood.wow ha ! wish u guys does also.ty
I dont knew if some people celebrating the halloween day but as for us we does.okey guys have a great day ...thanks for joining here.



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