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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wow...great flower.I like it.

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I took pics this afternoon of our one blooming beautiful flower here at home.Oh amazing that our one flower at gate blooming already .We wait for long time to see the flower and now we saw it.lol
Few months ago since we plant this flower it wasn't give flowers and then we're thinking to cut it off...but Mama said that we shall wait the time it will blooms so now you can see it the flowers seems alike to an orhid flowers.hmn
My sister also get one pose in front of the gate where the flower blooms.lol
I like this kind of flower so beautiful oh wanna have it then try to come here at home.hmnnnn
Otherwise Mama went to Dumaguete today informing the smartbroadband connection to cut it off for we have new one.lol
So thanks God Mama comeback here safe and finally done informing the Management.



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