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Friday, November 20, 2009

We're glad papa come home and his old friend.

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Wow...great pleasure, papa and his old friend come home today and they enjoy dancing with music. Lol…Papa got drunk with his old friend here at home. They bought Four bottles of wine. Oh my gosh how wasteful of money but I can't give them break for they made it as a habit, papa buy his own money so I can’t blame. Maybe if I force them to stop drinking wine they will scold me, slap me. Hmnnn how pity am I? Lol
But thanks... I knew, how to consider them I did not bother them as I understand their world which world of enjoyment/happiness.

Anyway guys none of my business anymore to give them such advice they we're older enough than me so they knew what they're doing.hmnnnn. All I do is calming down, watch them and put a smile in my face a little cheer.lol So while watching them...Papa said look at me I am a good dancer so I do and also his friend dance well too.hehehe amazing.

Before... papa doesn't dance coz he doesn’t like and learn but as I observe him now he made it, maybe he did to learn to his youngest brother, that had a habit to dance when drunk.Papa made me laugh through his dance moves, however As they continue their enjoyment, me and mama leaving them for we had an appointment coming to church attending the service. Okey good thing.Till here now...Have a good week guys!



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