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Friday, November 13, 2009

I was busy all day long until night.

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Glory to God...I finish my laundry and cleaning the house.It made me so busy enough today coz of the reason of not here for a few days.This was my assignment to clean up the house but at same time my sisters,my cousin and brother helping me.hmnnnnn
I felt my back aching when i finish doing laundry maybe because i keep sitting down.
Oops...good to relax ...Thanks to God everything was alright now...I felt comfort now that i was already here at home ...last several days i was in the Kalumboyan helping to settle down Lola's burial.We christian members of the church and family had a prayer service for the sake of our Loving Lola soul and spirit to rest in peace ,happy in God's hands.Thanks God.Our Loving Lola was at the age of 81 and she was suffering from stroke at year 2007...so for 3 years it was sad to think she cannot walk,she cannot stand ,cannot come out the house to enjoy looking the beauty of the sorroundings,and breath the fresh air,can't attend church service...oh maybe it was the challenge of Lola and her time comes ...so Godwill Lola died in his mighty hands.No blame coz the death of our Loving Lola is Godwill.We love so much our Loving Lola but we knew God loves her too as much as we could.God's love and mercy endures forever.
okey till here now...am feeling so sleepy...good night everyone.God blesses us all.Muah



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