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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi Guys,have a great day!

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Today my mother ,my sister Rosalie and I come to Kalumboyan to get some vegetables and visiting our relatives there especially we look for our small farm there if everything good.Thanks God all was well.My father was been alone taking care of the farm and was glad he made it but sometimes he just come and visit us here in Bayawan.Oh yeah even my parents we're getting separated but we can see and talk to them both with good health.Thanks God for everything.

Guys how are you today?Hope everything goes right with you and your family.Okey till here now I'm going to think what to prepare for my sister Birthday for tomorrow.But maybe mama will only prepare chicken soap with papaya.wow yummy.
Everytime we celebrate birthday we only had small preparation just to give honor of the day of was being born.The important is having good health and condition.God bless us all.till here now.thanks.


pipay said...

Hi. Happy Birthday to your sister!!

mamsi said...

Ohh.. i like that chicken soup with papaya. sooo yummy friend

survivor mom said...

Happy New Year and Happy birthday to your sister!!


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