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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's good to eat Tambis fruit.wow

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HI Guys,

oh yeah ...good to eat Tambis...my sister in-law bought tambis and she brought at home...she shares to us ...so i enjoy eating. lol
Oh ang sweet naman.
oh do you know Tambis fruit guys?Oh want to eat? lol
I don't know what do u call this kind of fruit in your dialect,but to us we called it Tambis.
It sweet fruit guys but sometimes when raining and it harvest it losing the sweet taste. lol
Oh yeah...I like Tambis compared to makopa fruit.I don't like the taste of makopa I don't even understand the taste.hmnn
OKey guys,,,,have a nice day...God bless us.


~Live Life~ said...

Are they gajus? I never heard of Tambis before...=P


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