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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My pics last time when i get home from Manila.A background of a guava tree.

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How do I look ? Di ba Pogi...hmnnn but anyway am looking healthy right.
Anyway i display this pics of mine here because of a nice background a guava tree.Like to eat guava fruit?
For me I like it.
Our guava is so small here at home planted in front of the yard and doesn't bear fruit yet but when I come to Kalumboyan the guava there was tall and big and good that was having fruit already.So all I did is to climb on the guava tree ,Sometimes i get too hard way of climbing but because i wanted to eat fruit's so i do my best to reach the top by making a way so that I'd free to eat,no need to spend money coz only our own plant.lol
oh guys why I like eating fruit? Of course to maintain my beauty and good heatlh.hmnnnn
Fruits are good to health you know, and the best thing is... we don't need to take vitamins C tablet as well, for we can have it in fruits as vitamins C.
So for me I like any kinds of fruits that is good to eat,except for a sour fruit like lemon.oh no!hmn
How about you guys?want to eat fruits too?Oh yes I guess most of us want so much.However because of not having all kinds of fruits planted we are forcefully to buy in the market sales even so costly/expensive.Last time as i remember I can share with you what I'm up to...well during the last day of year 2009 as celebrating the New year of course most people prepare more fruits that put in the basket and etc.oh my gosh so many kinds of fruits i saw in the market.I thought I can buy more but i really had few because lack of budget especially too expensive.hehehe
I was so emotional that time,I want to have all fruits displayed ,coz i want to make fruit salad.But the result is no fruit salad at all.Only small fruits i bought...so just putting on the basket in the table.hehehe
Okey guys am so sorry for being so ambitious.hehehe...Thanks.



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