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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going to the market.

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Oh have a nice day guys,

I come to the market to buy half sack of rice. Thanks God there's a good price to get enough of my budget. Oh yeah I comeback home and prepare our lunch...I also bought half kilo of fish...
Guys too hard to find lower price of fish...though they had 100 per kl,80 per kl,65 per kl and the last 50...oh so costly ...But in some other day they sale at 40 per kl...so I bought 1 kl, I fried the other for preserve and the other tinola.lol
okey guys till here now...am going to watch movie...My sister borrowed a CD tape from her classmate ,it was Twilight ,The New Moon first part. Oh my gosh lovely.


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♥ Yoyo ♥ said...

Twilight ,The New Moon first part
is very goood

i like it
but last month i just saw it


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