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Monday, January 18, 2010

My sister in-law knows how to drove motorbike now.

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It's nice to know that my sister in-law has already a license in driving motor bike.So she borrow the motorbike today coz she has been asked of my brother to follow up the good moral report for was needed to work.Oh by the way
Good that my sister has a safe ride,driving the motorbike on the highway...
For my brother and sister in -law wishing that they can start building their responsibilities as a couple that they can do their living.
Guys,its hard to get married without work right?coz as i observed to my brother and sister in-law they had been difficult times living with parents ,such as they don't have own home to live with ,or they don't have budget to spend with.But mama told my brother to live at the farm with a house there and area of land to cultivate but he doesn't because of his wife don't want.hmn
So this time my brother trying hard to find a job so therefore he was now in dumaguete working as computer encoder.Good that my brother has a job now.Wishing all the best luck for him.God bless.


♥ Yoyo ♥ said...

its hard to get married without work
so in order to be to enjoy a better life,we need to work hard
work hard.
Wishing all the best luck for ur brother.God bless


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