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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Me in the river ...oh yeah cool smile! lol

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Wow the view was cool right? okey just posting my pics here.
Oh guys,i like my pose here ,I taking care of my long pants not to get wet.oh yeah the water here looks great.
Before when I was young and we live at the farm ,I usually come here in the river just taking a bath sometimes doing my laundry.lol
I always had berkadas ,we enjoy swimming then had fun games.oh I remember my youthful time it was wonderful ,I always get in touch to play games.hehehe
okey till here now...have a nice day guys.


halocoy lifestyle said...

yes i like the river. its natural. thanks. please comment in my site

halocoy lifestyle said...

i was added your link in my site, please add me here ok, thanks

♥ Yoyo ♥ said...

the pic is very nice


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