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Monday, January 11, 2010

Nice Tagalog love-quote!

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Guys,I have a nice tagalog quote for you.Oh yeah it was great.
It was said,

Maraming natuwa dahil sa salitang "I LOVE YOU"
Ngunit mas marami ang nabigo dahil rin sa I LOVE YOU.
Dahil marami ang sinungaling na bibig kaysa totoong Pag-big.

Oh my gosh ...Thats right diba?heheh
Thats why ako...wag mo nang mag fallen in love,wag mo nang magpadalos-dalos sa pag-commit ng love into someone dahil Natatakot ako baka magkamali o kaya'y mabibigo man lang.lol
Pero I know God knows whats going on,and the best for me.So am only waiting for the right someone for me ,for the right time and my only hope to God.
I heard one saying also that..."Don't find love ,let the love finds you"Oh yeah i believe on it.okey till here now.Thanks for always be here with me.
Hope you guys already found someone that is real inside and out.


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